Integrating captions into your school

There are many opportunities to integrate captions into your school activities and as your school community is more aware of captions and their benefits, lots more ways to use them will come up.

Here are some:

  1. Turn on captions whenever you press play on a DVD, online video or educational program shown in class.
  2. Display captions when using an interactive whiteboard.
  3. When sourcing video content, make sure to look for the captioned options available.
  4. If students have their own laptops, first show them how to turn on captions on websites such as YouTube then remind them turn on captions whenever they use this source.
  5. Many video on demand services have captioned content available, use this where possible.
  6. When on an excursion to the cinema, book a session near your school which offers access for Deaf and hearing impaired so the captions are available.
  7. When going on a school trip and playing a video in the coach, turn on captions.
  8. When students produce videos for a project or class presentation make sure they include captions as it also improved computer and literacy skills of the video producer.
  9. When presentations and talks are video recorded to be viewed on demand, ensure they are available with captions.