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DVD and Blu-ray

Around 55% of all new DVDs are captioned. TV series on DVD are captioned at a higher rate. If captions are available on the DVD, they will usually be available on the Blu-ray version as well.

How to turn on captions on DVD

In ‘set-up’ or ‘settings’ on the DVD menu, look for the option to turn on captions or ‘subtitles for the hearing impaired’.

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All programs on free-to-air TV between 6am and midnight and a large number of subscription TV programs are captioned.

How to turn on captions on TV

On your remote control, press ‘subtitle’ or ‘sub-t’, ‘CC’, or the TV symbol with a line below it. It may simply be a coloured button—in which case you will need to consult the manual. In some models, captions can be activated by going into the ‘set-up’ menu.

Some video recorders with hard-disk drives (HDDs), and DVD recorders, have the ability to record programs with captions. If you want to record captions you should check with the retailer or manufacturer to ensure that a particular model can do this.

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Online video

Some online digital libraries and websites have captions available on their content.

We have a database of sources where you can search for free education videos or subscription-based education videos with captions.

How to turn on captions on online videos

Look for the ‘CC’ or 'S' (for subtitles) button on the media player or via a ‘turn on captions’ option. You can add captions to any YouTube or Vimeo video using Amara.