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Subscription-based education videos with captions

Discovery Kids on FOXTEL

Discvoery Kids logo

Discovery Kids [link is external] is Foxtel’s dedicated education channel for primary-school aged children.

Key learning areas of the primary school curriculum are catered for including Science and Technology, Personal Development, Health and Physical Education, Creative Arts and Human Society and Its Environment.

Topics and areas of focus include Australian flora and fauna, Lifecycles, Space and solar systems, Human body, Earth and its environment, Power and energy sources, Asian studies, Australian History and an Aboriginal perspective.

100% of the content on Discovery Kids [link is external] is captioned.

How to search Discovery Kids for captioned videos [link is external].

Zane EducationZane Education logo

Zane Education [link is external] has a range of educational videos [link is external] for Kindergarten to senior school and cover 11 subject areas.

All videos are available with open captions.


ClickView logo

ClickView [link is external] is an online library of education videos; many of which are captioned.

The ClickView 24-7 device enables schools to access, edit and record TV programs. If a program is captioned, the captions will be also recorded.


Skwirk Online Education logo

Skwirk [link is external] features animated education activities for all years and subjects, also catering to Australasian syllabuses.

Open captions are available on some animations but not all videos. Most commonly used for science and humanities subjects across stages 3-5.