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ABC iview

ABC iview logo

ABC iview [link is external] is the catch up TV service for ABC 1 and some ABC 2 programs.

Closed captions are available on ABC TV programs currently transmitted during primetime (6pm-12pm) on all News and News/Current Affairs programs and selected children’s programs.

Captioning for a program will appear up to two hours after the program is available via iview. If captions are available for a program it will state ‘Captions Available’ on the preview screen.

ABC Splash

ABC Splash logo

Developed by the ABC and Education Services Australia, Splash [link is external] provides videos, audio clips and games from ABC TV and Radio and around the world, that are linked to the Australian Curriculum.

There are varying levels of captioned content depending on the source of the content; with large amounts of captioned content, and some with transcripts provided.

By selecting the ‘Teacher [link is external]’ tab, you’ll find a range and variety of content across subjects and topics.

ABC Splash content with accessibility options [link is external].


Amara logo

Amara provides users with the opportunity to create & synchronise captions for online video and store them on the Amara website for viewing.

All videos on Amara will have closed captions. However, if you link out from Amara to YouTube not all videos will be captioned.

How to search for captioned titles on Amara [link is external].

Intel Education

Intel Education logo

Intel Education [link is external] features animations for all stages of the UK curriculum, relating to Maths, Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

All animations include a transcript of the dialogue in-built into the video. There are some exceptions [link is external] to caption availability.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy logo

The Khan Academy [link is external] features video tutorials across a range of subjects. Many videos provide closed captions.

As the videos are embedded from YouTube, you need to turn the captions on via the YouTube toolbar.

National Library of Australia

National Library of Australia logo

The National Library of Australia has over 64,700 captioned titles - the most substantial list of captioned videos nationally.

How to search for captioned titles on the National Library of Australia [link is external].

NBC Learn

NBC Learn logo

NBC Learn [link is external] features a selection of NBC news clips and stories covering historical events, science, English and current affairs.

It has a good range of free content, all of which is captioned.

Some videos are not available to view Australia.

Periodic Videos

The University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, China, Malaysia logo

The University of Nottingham’s Periodic Videos [link is external] has a library of senior science videos.

Many videos have closed captions available. A list of quality English captions videos [link is external] is available on YouTube.

As the videos are hosted on YouTube, you need to turn the captions on via the YouTube toolbar.

PBS LearningMedia

PBS LearningMedia logo

PBS LearningMedia [link is external] features digital learning activities and videos across a range of subjects for pre-kindergarten through to high school.

Many videos provide closed captions.

How to search for captioned videos on PBS LearningMedia [link is external].


Scootle logo

On Education Services Australia’s Scootle [link is external], you can find digital resources aligned to the Australian Curriculum. A few hundred short clips are captioned.

Scootle is available to all teachers via jurisdiction login or by individual registration.

How to search for captioned content on Scootle [link is external]


TED Ed logo

You can use videos on TED-Ed to create customised lessons. Some captioned content is available and varies depending on subject or topic.

TED-Ed videos are hosted on YouTube so you need to turn the captions on via the YouTube toolbar.

YouTube EDU

YouTube logo

YouTube EDU [link is external] is YouTube’s dedicated education channel.

Dependent on the video owner, a number of videos will have captions.

Check out our YouTube resources.

Some other YouTube channels with some captioned educational videos include: