About Us

CAP THAT! is a national awareness campaign encouraging teachers to simply turn on captions in the classroom for learning and literacy for all students.

We promote the proven benefits of captions for all students, particularly those who are Deaf or hearing impaired, speak English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D), struggling readers, visual learners and students with learning disabilities.

From early June until the end of National Literacy and Numeracy Week each year Australian teachers are encouraged to embrace the use of captions in the classroom every time they turn on any video content.

Our website is full of information and resources to help teachers use captions in their classroom and champion captions in their school and community. These resources include lesson plan examples, how-to videos and valuable information about captions for use all year round.

There is also a pack for principals to help facilitate the implementation of caption use in across the school.

CAP THAT! is supported by the Australian Government’s National Literacy and Numeracy Week (link is external) and endorsed by a number of peak bodies. Our 2015 campaign is sponsored by the Conexu Foundation (link is external) and TES Australia (link is external).

About Media Access Australia

Media Access Australia (link is external) is Australia’s only independent not-for-profit organisation devoted to increasing access to media for people with a disability.

Access to media, enabled through technology, empowers people to be independent, gain knowledge, make their own choices and be active members of our society.

We promote inclusion by providing information and expertise on the accessibility of mainstream technologies to government, industry, educators, consumer organisations and individuals.

We work as a catalyst for change across television, video, cinema, the arts, education, digital technology and online media, with a primary focus on people who are blind or vision impaired, or Deaf or hearing impaired. CAP THAT! is a key part of the work we do to improve access while enhancing the added flow on benefits to all children in the classroom.