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CAP THAT! is a national campaign asking Australian educators to simply turn on captions on videos shown in class to boost learning and literacy for all students.

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Who needs captions?

One in three students in Australia can benefit from captions1 [Cap that! statistics].

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Benefits of captions

  • Learn words and phrases more effectively
  • Improve listening, comprehension, vocabulary, word recognition
  • Helps learn colloquial language
  • Alternative way to understand and reinforce information
  • Back up for auditory processing difficulties
  • Improves focus and engagement

Using captions

  • Source captioned content
  • Caption student-produced media
  • Support caption use across the school
  • Supply caption-enabled equipment
  • Avoid poor quality captions
  • Make sure everyone can see the screen properly


CAP THAT! infographics [PDF, 591kb]